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A Projects of 1000 Villas & N.A. Plots
2000 ft. above mean sea level
Rasraj Infrastructure

About Rasraj Infrastructure

Rasraj Infrastructure is formed on 24th July,2014 by Mr. Rajendra Yashwant Patil as a Proprietor.

Earlier, Mr. Rajendra Patil purchased a land admeasuring 52 Acres, i.e. , 21 Lacs Sq.Ft. at Village Mal, Tal Shahapur near the Express way which goes from Mumbai to Nashik. The Village Mal is hilly region and this land has vantage location. It is adjacent to road on one side and has valley view on the three sides.

The Company purchased the land from the land owners to develop 518 plots each admeasuring 2000 sq.ft. to 3500 Sq. Ft. on the above land.